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Welcome to Act For Love, the online personals service that lets you take action while getting action. The idea is simple. Everyone wants to meet their perfect match. And in recent years, millions have turned to online personals services as a way to do that.

So we figured, why not channel all that energy towards some good? Why not create a site where 100% of the profits were specifically earmarked to support progressive activism?  If you're going to try searching for the perfect date, why not do it via a service that promotes activism at the same time?

Who We Are

ActForLove.org is led by John Hlinko, a long-time Internet activist and founder of the activist community Left Action, and Leigh Stringer, an architect focused on sustainability, and the author of the book, The Green Workplace.

John has helped lead a range of cause-oriented efforts in the past, including DraftWesleyClark.com, DraftObama.org, MoveOn.org and the satirical “Students for a Drug-Free White House.”

John appears frequently on TV to promote the progressive message, including on CNN, Current, and Fox.

John and Leigh live in New York. They were married in October of 2004. And yes… they met online.

Our Partners

ActForLove.org is proud to partner with Left Action, a network of over 1,000,000 progressive activists.  Left Action has worked with a range of progressive causes and campaigns, and helped to spur millions of actions on their behalf.  If you have a good cause you would like to highlight, please contact us here.

To Contact Us

For all account-related and tech questions (lost password, trouble logging in, questions re: payments, etc.), please go here.

For non-tech questions, for more information, to give us feedback, or just to tell us you love us, write to us at jhlinko AT gmail dot com.

But really, for most questions, please start with the form, here. It's not that we don't love you, it's just that almost all questions will ultimately need to be answered by the good people on the other end of that form. So please start there. Really, it's not you — it's us.